BMW Specialist

Your car is our passion, we offer you dealer level service at affordable prices!



Maintenance of your car is crucial for the life and reliability of your car. That is why we choose to only use parts and fluids approved by the manufacturer.


In addition to maintenance, we are also happy to help you repair mechanical problems on your car. From replacing a shock absorber to rebuilding a complete engine, we are always there for you.


We are happy to deal with electrical faults. For this we are equipped with the appropriate equipment and the official diagnosic system from BMW. As a result, we are equipped to efficiently resolve all your malfunctions.


If you want to enjoy your engine sound a little more or if you would like to lower your car, we can certainly help you . We install exhausts of various well-known brands as well as lowering springs or coilover sets.


We specialize in software modifications for BMW vehicles. All software is developed by ourselves here on the 4WD dyno. The durability of the engine and powertrain always comes first!


Is your car broken down or have you had an accident? No problem, we can pick up your vehicle with a trailer that is equipped for loading low vehicles.


We have a 4WD dyno that can handle powers up to 1000 hp. Our dyno also features a mechanical coupling between the front and rear axles to prevent damage to four-wheel drive systems.


You can also contact us if you want to visit the trackwith your car. We can supply your car with the necessary adjustments such as adjusted suspension and brakes, as well as provide the car with a suitable set-up, whether or not in combination with an alignment or corner balance.


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